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  • Castle Grade School---Final New Print for SDCC

    Hi everyone, as you can see with the change of my blog header I am getting ready for Comic-Con next week in San Diego. In my previous posts you can see some of the new things I will have available at my table in Artist's Alley DD-08. Well, here is the 3rd and last print I promised to reveal.

    It is called Castle Grade School. 

    Yearbook pictures were always blast, mostly for the students but I felt bad for the teacher that always had to wrangle us in. This is my take on what a yearbook picture would be for these tiny "Masters of the Classroom." This print measure 12"x18" and is $20. I will have a limited amount at con but not to worry, if you cannot make it out to San Diego you can always preorder it online by clicking below.

    One more thing, if you are in Brooklyn, New York I will have a piece displayed in the group show, Where Is My Mind at Bottleneck Gallery. It opens tonight at 7PM. I will have limited edition giclee prints on canvas and watercolor paper for Blink and Seek available for sale. Try and check it out cause there is going to be a ton of badass work on display. 

    A lot going on, thanks again for stopping by and stay tuned for more stuff next week! Plus, I promise to get back into my sketches and Sketch Fridays, my apologies for slacking on those.