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  • Big Wheels Keep on Turning

    Hi all,

    My apologies for not posting on Friday. I though I should make up for it with a new illustration post today. This illustration is currently on display at the the Great Park in Orange, CA for the "Hero" exhibition art show. My piece was dedicated to on of the greatest animes I grew up with watching as a kid, Akira.

    I remember watching this on VHS with my brother. Sure it was a version with poor dubbing and horrible pronunciation of the name Akira, but the animation and story mesmerized my imagination. I am pretty sure watching this anime inspired me by about 1000% to draw more. Of course, as usual I gave it my little twist. Part of this image was also inspired by my trip to Portugal. I loved the cobblestones and windy streets and could always imagine little kids racing down these narrow corridors playing and being mischievous. I had a ton of fun with this piece and hope you can spot some of the easter eggs in there. Enjoy and as always, keep drawing!