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  • Sketch Friday

    Welcome back everyone! This sketch was basically roughed out last night right before I went to bed. My process is similar to what I talked about in the previous post, however, this time I did no marker underlay.

    Sometimes you have to just go for it and see what happens. As I started to work into this sketch I wasn't feeling to confident with the lines and was going to scrap it. I think a lot of that was due to the fact that I knew I was going to post it online and felt hesitant to do so. That was pitfall number one. Pitfall number 2 was getting uptight with the drawing which was a result of pitfall number one.

    The point I am trying to make is that posting your work online and showing your artistic progress is fine as long as it does not hamper your growth as an artist. I am guilty of this as well, at times I worry about if a post is going to be worthy or get enough likes and this is something that will lead to utter doom in a sketch. My sketches do not always come out clean or how I like it so I redraw it and try again. However, I use that first sketch to explore ideas and work out issues I am having with the drawing so that I can learn from it and apply it to the next.

    Case in point, here is the 'Hippo Riders" sketch I did last night which I posted online.

    Now here is my first pass. 

    I messed up on the scale and some of the shapes I was not too pleased with. So, I decided to scratch it but used this page to figure out proportions and characracterizations. Why not use pencil you may ask? I love the pen because it fine tunes your line quality and line efficiency. It really makes you think about the drawing and how to place the next mark and the next. Practice makes perfect and it's all about mileage, the thing you have to remember is to allow yourself to explore and make mistakes. Those mistakes are important to your growth as an artist and more important to your imagination.

    Hope that helps.