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  • First Sketch Friday 2014

    Hi everyone,

    Welcome to my first official post of 2014 and to the first Sketch Friday of 2014! For this year I wanted to shake things up for Sketch Fridays as part of my New Years Resolution. I love drawing robots and mechanical vehicles and such but I am looking forward to exploring a lot of things that I do not draw so often like animals and females. I am taking Sketch Fridays as an opporunity to explore different subject matter and experiment with different styles and mediums. As artists it is important to keep kicking ourselves in the butt to stay motivated and to improve upon our craft. Please join in on the fun and if you have a instagram or twitter account #sketchfridays. I look forward to seeing what you all come up with!

    Well here is the actual first sketch, I took some process shots of this and will talk a little about each step. Again, sketch fridays are meant to break out of the norm but I also want you to pick up a few things from them as well. Hope you enjoy this new format and the sketch!



    1) I did an initial marker lay-in for shape design and went over it in pen so I had a rough skeleton to work from for the next phase of inks.

    2) I started with the head and and worked my way down the body. I am getting used to the brush pen and love the line quality I get out of it. Here mainly seeing what the pen can do and how I can indicate differences in material and texture. Fur is a blast to draw and I am playing around with polished metal and more of a tarnished metal for some of the armor.

    3) Spots of red to help move the viewer's eye around the page.

    4) Close up of application of white gouache. I could have used a Prismacolor pencil but I am slowly getting back into gouache and really love the opacity it brings to my highlights.

    5) Final piece. "The old warrior could see his destiny, the only thing that stood in his way were 100 knights."