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  • Comikaze Expo and Designer Con

    Hi everyone,

    I am happy to say that I will be at 2 upcoming conventions in November.

    First up, Comikaze Expo Nov. 1-3 in Downtown L.A. I will be sharing a booth the amazing cover artist Dave Wilkins and the talented Jin Yung Kim. We will be at booth 1244 so please stop on by to say hi and get your art on! I will be doing commissions and will be debuting a couple new prints.

    Next up is DeignerCon in Pasadena, CA. This will be the following weekend Nov. 9-10. I will have a table all to myself and will be doing commissions and have a few new things for sale. Again I will be debuting at least on new print here. If you ahve never been to D-Con just think everything cool about Artist Alley all wrapped up into one show. Also, I had the provelage of designing this year's T-shirt as well as an exclusive print only available at the show. Super excited for this one! Once I find out my table number I will let you all know!

    Looking forward to seeing you all out there and please stay tuned for more info!