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  • Comic Con Wrap Up

    WOW, pretty much sums up my time this past weeked at the San Diego Comic-Con.  Did about 40 commissions, sold out of a few prints and met some amazing people this past weekend. I would consider it a big success and look forward to coming back again next year. Here are some of the commissions I did during the show and after hours when everyone was

    Also, a highlight of the show was meeting one of the writers of the Firfely series Mr. Jose Molina! He came all the way over from a signing in Hall A to purchase some of my prints! Super cool way to wrap up the day and the con!

    Needsless to say, it was a great con, looking forward to next year but now its time to prep for Comikaze Expo and DesignerCon. Stay tuned Bat fans!