Hi everyone and welcome to the "About" page. That's me to the left so here's a little bit about myself. I am an illustrator and designer with a passion for creating art that brings you back to being a kid. Being a product of the 80's, my inspiration stems from my childhood and it is those inspirations that I inject into my illustrations and designs. I strive to have as much fun with my work as humanly possible to create a sense of nostalgia. 

San Diego, California, is where my family and I call home. I work as a freelance illustrator/concept artist for the film, game, and animation industries. I also conduct workshops, guest speak, and teach at the Concept Design Academy (Pasadena, California) and the Computer Graphics Master Academy (CGMA).

When I am not doing all of the above I like to relax, travel, watch Goonies, and work on my children's picture books whenever I get the chance.